Vehicle Photography

The quality of your inventory imagery is your dealership's first impression on prospective internet shoppers. Unless they're previous clients, these impressions are all customers have to differentiate the quality of your product from your competitor's.

At Autocartel we fully understand the impact high-quality vehicle photos provide in effectively branding and building value in your dealership. Partnering with us is the most logical first step in establishing an online reputation of having top-quality representation of your most valuable product. Your inventory.

Contact us to let one of our professional lot services representatives show you the impact our photography can make in your online marketing strategy.

360 Spins:

Separate your dealership from the competition by incorporating fully interactive 360 degree walk arounds of your vehicles! Our product includes an immersive experience on both exterior and interior as well. We can create custom hotspots to highlight on common interest points for your clients to interact with. Keep you clients engaged and on your VDP longer.


Movement captures attention and holds attention! Keep your viewers engaged longer on your VDP. The more time, the more commitment to purchase. Intelligent voice overs inform the viewer what they are viewing on all options the vehicle is equipped with. Interactive branding ensures the viewer knows you, dealership first. All of the data is tracked from location, OS, time, and much more to help you optimize your marketing efforts.   

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Track real time results in our Search Engine Optimization platform when paired with our video product. See the results first hand the power of engagement with your consumer.

Dealer Video Suite

It’s time your staff interacted with your clients virtually. Keep your client comfortable in their own home while your team engage with them live. The best of all, their conversations are recorded for storage and training so you can be a part of every conversation. Picture in Picture communication while your vehicle is on full display.  

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Enhanced Virtual Backgrounds:

Not every dealership has a dedicated or easily accessible location to properly stage vehicles for photographs. Our EVBs are an excellent way to remove background clutter and maximize branding opportunities on your web site as well as third party sites. We continue to use highly trained editors that modify each image completely by hand. This separates us from our competitors that use formulaic software and end up with poorly done edits. 

Post Image Editing:

Our highly trained photo editors will utilize top of the line software to both correct and highlight your vehicle photos! Whether it's a poorly lit photo booth, cloudy day outside, or a difficult to capture color, our editors can adjust photos to embellish your inventory. 

Custom Overlays:

We highly suggest displaying company logos and informational banners on your vehicle photos. It helps your dealership immediately convey much needed info to consumers even when your vehicles are viewed on third party sites. We can create the desired overlay with custom artwork and information as you need it. 




Window Stickers, Buyer's Guides & Addendums:

Available in Spanish

Our full color professional custom window labels are custom tailored to suit the branding and FTC requirements of our dealerships. They are made of high-quality exterior vinyl that are weather and fade resistant.  This allows them to be applied to the outside of the window, they stay put, but comes off easily. There are many custom options and specifications that can be modified to accommodate the marketing needs of your business. 

  • Vin Decoded Categorized Options 

  • Factory installed options 

  • After Market Accessories 

  • CARFAX Integration 

  • Kelly Blue Book Integration 

  • QR Codes 

  • Live Vehicle Market Pricing 

  • Customized content for your Buyer’s Guides 

We can also upgrade to Autocartel’s New Legal 8.5 x 14 Window Labels for factory Spec appearance. 

Customized Addendums:

Custom designed, color, dealership brand specific, printed addendums for both new and used vehicles! Do you add standard accessories to all new cars? Perhaps you include a warranty on all preowned vehicles. We can print and install exterior addendum stickers to make sure that you are staying compliant as well as building value in all your vehicles! 
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